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After years of research, I’ve found a range of effective, high-quality nutritional supplements that I regularly dispense to my clients. These include natural herbs, food supplements, and probiotics derived from whole plants and foods. I also provide weight loss, colon detox, body cleanse and purification kits.

Most of these products are only available through a licensed health care practitioner.

I am also partnering with Dr. Richard Schulze of American Botanical Pharmacy, and you can get his products directly from his store. He creates an excellent line of herbal cleanses (bowel, liver/gallbladder, kidney/bladder) and immune enhancers to get your body back on track.

At Dr. Schulze’s Herbal Store, you can get 10% off your first order! Just mention or type reference code PR124 when you check out. Click below to go directly to his site, or call 1-800-HERB-DOC (437-2362).

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