Origins of My Healing Tradition

I first started practicing my signature Orgone Energy Healing Therapy under the tutelage of Dr. Robert Sharp, who derived this technique from studying the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

Aurora Borealis

Wilhelm Reich was a psychiatrist and a scientist whose work spans the period from 1920-1955. He researched and promoted orgone energy, which is the life force found in living organisms, the earth, the atmosphere, and outer space. Other common names for orgone energy are chi and prana.

Reich established that human disease and neurosis are caused by blocks in the body which obstruct the natural flow of life. When these blocks, created by traumatic experiences and dysfunctional belief systems, are removed, healing in the body and mind can occur. He successfully treated patients on an energetic level without the use of medications and surgeries.

My teacher, Dr. Robert Sharp, followed this philosophy of healing, knowing that any discomfort, ailment or disease could be released by becoming conscious of the beliefs and emotions trapped in the body. I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to work with Dr. Sharp for 25 years, and to master this groundbreaking therapy.

— Freyda Campbell

Trusted Los Angeles Health Practitioners

Dr. Gochette (based in Westchester) is a chiropractor and holistic health practitioner with a talent for diagnosing allergies, candida, parasites, hormone and organ imbalances. 310-670-9344

India Holloway is a colon hydrotherapist based out of Culver City. She offers colonics, iridology, ear candling, and more.

Stephanie Kimura is a West LA-based colon hydrotherapist who specializes in colonics and detoxing.

Laura Fuller is a West LA-based yoga teacher who offers challenging and spiritually aligning yoga classes. She’s the best damn yoga teacher I’ve ever had.

Orly Bouskila is a Santa Monica-based psychotherapist who is very intuitive and sees through clients’ defenses to help them grow. She is amazing. 310-289-4310

Indispensable Health and Lifestyle Info

Dr. Weston Price was a brilliant dentist who realized the importance of nutrition by observing how much what people ate affected the health of their teeth. This observation became his life work and he went on to advocate that people primarily eat nutrient dense whole foods and natural animal and dairy fats.

Dr. Joseph Mercola is an osteopathic doctor who provides a much-needed alternate perspective from the standard information given by traditional medicine, the FDA, and the industrial food complex. His website compiles convincing evidence why many of the medications prescribed today are dangerous, the truth about food additives, and much more.