It is safe to look within

Original Art by Kieva Campbell

If you are suffering from a chronic or acute physical or emotional challenge and haven’t been able to find relief with traditional modes of healing, I can help. By bypassing your mind and working with your body’s cellular memory, I am able to help you find quick relief from a range of health issues.

Using my holistic and spiritual healing methods, I have successfully treated the following conditions (to name a few): anxiety, depression, addiction, major life transitions, stress, fatigue, sleep disorders, allergies, asthma, fertility issues, women’s health, parasites, candida, arthritis, musculoskeletal problems, TMJ, auto-immune disorders, and other chronic diseases.

I will work with you individually to create a customized health and nutritition treatment plan based on your goals and challenges. Sessions include physical hands-on treatment, deep tissue muscle work, structural realignment, aromatherapy and other services as needed including allergy testing, exercise and diet plans, supplements and herbal remedies, and advice on healthy food preparation.

You can get started with a single session or commit to your health and save money by purchasing a package.

I also have a bachelor’s degree in child development and substantial pediatric nursing and child education experience. I am available to give medical and developmental advice about your children if needed.

– Freyda Campbell, Los Angeles Holistic Health Practitioner

Realize Your Potential Package
(24 Sessions) – save $800

If you are struggling with a severe or chronic illness or addiction or if you are unhappy and your life seems stuck in a repeat pattern, the Realize Your Potential Package will give you the most profound and lasting shifts.

$4000 ($4800 value)

Shift Your Awareness Package
(12 Sessions) – save $300

Release chronic pain and become aware of the self-defeating patterns that are running your life. The Shift Your Awareness Package will show you new possibilities for living in alignment with yourself.

$2100 ($2400 value)

Pain Relief Package
(5 Sessions) – save $100

Move through the chronic or acute pain that’s limiting you.

$900 ($1000 value)

Open the Door Session
Introductory 60-Minute Session

Sample my work and see how I can help you.